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Is a science that deals with the principle that there is a reflex area in the feet and hands which correspond with points on the body. By working on these reflexes we help stimulate the corresponding parts.

10 Things you should know about Reflexology:

1) Reflexology is a complementary therapy, not alternative.

2) It does not diagnose and works well as a support alongside standard medicine.

3) There does not seem to be any contraindications regarding medication although care should be taken with titrated drugs like Warfarin, in this case stability should be obtained before reflexology is given.

4) Reflexology relies on the as yet unproven theory that certain points in the feet, hands and face relate to specific parts of the body.

5) Two studies from Japan using functional resonance imaging (fMRI) suggest a real basis for the theory above. There was a haemodynamic response in areas of brain related to that specified by the reflexology point when that point was stimulated in the foot.

6) There are some small research projects that show statistically significant results in areas as diverse as cancer support and rhinosinusitis.

7) Anecdotally some people find it almost ‘miracle –like’ when it comes to their individual situation.

8) At the very least reflexology promotes relaxation and tension release, often resulting in increased sleep and wellbeing.

9) Wellbeing is so much more than simply an absence of illness, it encompasses the absence of disease and infirmity; being resilient or having ‘bounce-back ability’ and making a contribution because helping others appears to benefit your own health and wellbeing. Reflexology seems to help with coping and the perception of these areas of life so making life a happier and healthier place.

10) The perception of illness may change with reflexology as positivity can change how serious a problem may feel.

Advanced Reflexology

Advanced Reflexology is a combination of many different reflexology techniques using natural beeswax balm which achieves a deeper treatment on the foot and legs.

First Treatment & Consultation: £40
Subsequent Treatments: £35 (60 Minutes)

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