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In Hendon, North-West London


In Hendon, North-West London – Currently not available

Massage Treatments

In Hendon, North-West London – Currently not available

Advisory and Health Screening

Biological Testing Services

BTS Biological Testing Service offers easy to use micro-biological testing for Candida, parasites and leaky gut. All tests are performed from a simple stool sample, in a strictly scientific way.

Food Intolerance Testing

Feeling bloated constantly, lethargic, aches and pains for no reason, constant swings between constipation and diarrhoea and generally not feeling yourself?

Well it maybe that you are intolerant to a certain food/foods you are eating. Sometimes, a slight adjustment to the diet can solve the problem before having to resort to conventional medicine.

This diagnostic device is non evasive and works on the acupressure points of the hand. You hold a metal conductor while an electronic pointer is placed on the acupressure points of your hand, no pain, no blood!

Prices on request.

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